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Weather Rader Observation

Weather Radar Observation

Mosaic Radar image on the Web

Mosaic Radar image on the Web

The weather radar is one of the latest remote sensing instruments which detect precipitation events by projecting electronic waves on water droplets of clouds and then analyzing their reflected waves. High resolution radar data greatly contribute to the short-range forecast by monitoring and tracing an early stage of the torrential rain, hailstone and typhoon, etc. KMA placed doppler radars at ten sites (Gwanaksan, Baengnyeongdo, Gwangdeoksan, Myeonbongsan, Gudeoksan, Gosan, Oseongsan, Jindo, Donghae, and Youngjongdo) and will establish Sungsanpo observatory in 2006. In addition, radar data from a neighboring country (seven sites in Japan) are utilized, together with existing images of KMA and data from the Korea Air Force and the U.S.Air Force. The individual and mosaic radar images made from all the available sources are distributed to all weather stations, authorities and the general public via Internet.