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Lightning Monitoring

Lightning Monitoring

Mosaic imae of Lightning

Lightning is a meteorological phenomenon by which electricity accumulated in the cloud plunges into the ground. A typical lightning stroke carries an electric charge of several million volts. The recent increase in outdoor activities and use of electromagnetic products has multiplied the number of victims of lightning. It sometimes causes the loss of life, forest fires, and severe facility damages.

Lightning activities are monitored through a nationwide network consisting of seven impact sensors and 17 LDAR-Ⅱ sensors which detect cloud to ground discharges and cloud to cloud discharges, respectively. The information on the direction, time and intensity of lightning are transferred to the analysis workstation at the headquarters. The analyzed data are displayed in images and used as an auxiliary tool to issue weather advisories for flash floods with lightning. KMA utilizes the mosaic images of satellite-lightning and radar-lightning as well as real-time cloud to ground discharges.