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Prompt, Accurate and Valuable Meteorological Services

Ko Yunhwa Administrator Korea Meteorological Administration

The change in the climate caused by recent global warming is presenting the world with a formidable challenge. We Koreans are on the same boat with everyone inconvenienced by increasingly frequent weather irregularities, which may even threaten individual lives and property.

Such global change shines a spotlight on the Korea Meteorological Administration, which is at the core of the national endeavor to address the issue of climate change operationally and scientifically.
					All of us at KMA are acutely conscious of our growing role in the protection of public life and property.

KMA makes every effort to provide prompt, accurate, and valuable services by tracking the development of weather phenomena influencing our daily life, including natural disasters, and by predicting the climate of the region.

This website provides an overview of the main policies and activities implemented by KMA,
					as well as past and present meteorological data and products. I hope the assorted information posted on our page will be useful for everyone in their day-to-day life and contribute to the growth of our national economy.

We at KMA are one in this thought: At KMA, the sky is our friend, and the public, our sky.

Thank you.