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Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

KMA issues serveral kinds of weather forecasts such as short-, medium-, and long-range weather forecasts. KMA also issues typhoon forecasts and warnings/advisories for severe weather. All weather information issued by KMA is disseminated in real time to the general public, mass media and governmental organizations concerned via e-mail, Internet, Intranet, dedicated line, fax, DMB, PDA, etc.

Short-range Weather Forecast
The quantified information is published, eight times a day at three-hour intervals, on every three hours temperature extending over a period of two days, precipitation, daily maximum/minimum temperatures, precipitation probabilities, precipitation types, snow cover, sky conditions, wind directions, wind velocities, relative humidity, and sea wave height. The information is provided in types of text, graphics, time-series, charts, and voices at each grid point, by gridding the Korean Peninsula and coastal areas into 5x5 km zones. Moreover, it is provided in digital format to be easily used in such areas as tourist, leisure, construction, water resources developments, agriculture, health, environment, and industry, which helps them to produce high quality services to diverse end-users.
Medium-range Weather Forecast
Forecasts of daily weather conditions, temperatures, precipitation probabilities and wave height for the forthcoming week are issued twice a day.
Long-range Weather Forecast
KMA produces the monthly and the three-month forecasts. The monthly forecasts are announced three times a month including trends of temperature, precipitation and synoptic pattern for the next 30 days. The three-month forecasts which are issued once a month include the trends of temperature and precipitation for the next three months.
Climate Outlook
Climate Outlook which are presented in February, May, August and November include the trends of temperature and precipitation for two seasons after.
Weather Information & Severe Weather Alert
Occasionally KMA issues weather information whenever sudden and important changes of the weather conditions are detected or severe weather is anticipated. Severe weather alerts include advisories and warnings. Preliminary warnings are issued before severe weather alerts, and give information about the type, place and time of the expected severe weather. The Preliminary warning is usually issued several hours earlier than Severe weather alert and gives a crucial time advantage for the mitigation of weather disasters
Weather Bulletin
KMA issues Weather Bulletin when a severe weather situation or a serious meteorological disaster is anticipated. Weather Bulletin includes weather status, forecast and specific attentions required.
Typhoon Forecast
When a typhoon originates in the Northwest Pacific, KMA analyses and predicts the track, scale and intensity of the typhoon. When considerable damages are anticipated in Korea, typhoon advisories or warning are issued for the general public and the authorities concerned to take prompt measures against the typhoon.
Process of Weather Forecast
    • Surface


    • Upper-air


    • Marine


    • Satellite


    • Weather Radar

      Weather Radar

    The atmospheric conditions surrounding the earth are three-dimensionally measured with various observatory equipments and the flows and characters of air are observed by utilizing weather satellites and radars.

    1. Telecommunication networks

      Telecommunication networks

    2. Operational supercomputer

      Operational supercomputer

    The observation data which are collected throughout the world by telecommunication networks are input into the operational supercomputer loaded with physics equations that are constructing the changes of atmospheric conditions. Later the data are transferred for various processes required to produce forecasts.

    • Forecast Briefing

      Forecast Briefing

      • Global Data Assimilation and Prediction System (GDAPS)

        Global Data Assimilation and Prediction System (GDAPS)

      • High Resolution Prediction Model (HLAM)

        High Resolution Prediction Model (HLAM)

      • Local Model

        Local Model

      • Regional Data Assimilation and Prediction System (RDAPS)

        Regional Data Assimilation and Prediction System (RDAPS)

    Forecast officers with expertise, knowledge and experience are producing weather forecasts by synthesizing and analyzing various numerical forecast productions from supercomputer.

    • Homepage


    • Mass Media

      Mass Media

    • Wireless Automatic Response System

      Wireless Automatic Response System

    • communications


    The weather forecasts are provided by various media to be easily available by customers anywhere and anytime.