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Tsunami Forecast

  KMA developed Early warning system for tsunami as a branch of seismological research, since tsunami forecasting is possible to some extent through earthquake data analysis.

  First, the sea area around the Korean Peninsula (East, West, and South Sea) is assigned as the tsunami source range, and a criterion of KMA tsunami is informed as 0.01°x0.01° grid. Next, the fault solution is obtained. In this procedure, the fault solution can be selected, which could induce the maximum wave height. The time from tsunami propagation model will be used, and the water depth data is calculated as 1.1km grid. Then, the database of each point about the coast can be constructed. In this process, we can get the arrival time for source range, magnitude 6.0 through 9.0 (intervals 0.2) and the maximum wave height DB.

Tsunami Forecast System