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KMA Services


  • Seismic Observation Network
  • International Cooperation
  • Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Services
  • National Earthquake Comprehensive Information System(NECIS)
Seismic Observation Network

  In 1997, it has started a project to strengthen a national seismological observation network and tsunami warning system. The current seismic observation network of KMA is composed of 95 broadband seismometers, 27 short-period seismometers and 142 accelerometers. This network was designed to provide an automated solution of seismic events for immediate response to tsunamigenic earthquakes. The network records both velocities and accelerations of seismic waves. It works automatically, providing us with complete digital data. In the event of an earthquake, the seismic signals are transmitted through KMA's intranet system to a central processing station. The recorded seismic waveforms are analyzed and estimated automatically by a software called ANTELOPE.

Seismic Observation Network of KMA