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Weather Business

Business needs for weather-related information vary based on industry. KMA has natural limits in terms of resources, and cannot provide all the information that might be needed.It therefore started to execute In 1997 the weather enterpriser policy, for the purpose of concentrating on the prevention of weather disasters and of providing a variety of weather information services. Currently, 14 enterprisers, (with one company suspended), are in operation.Through this policy, the weather enterpriser can provide detailed weather forecasts for small regions, certain places, and a specified period of time. A customer satisfaction-based weather service era, offering custom-made weather information required for certain users, has opened. The weather enterprisers currently provide a great diversity of weather services, including weather forecasts for certain regions, such as golf courses, weather insurance for certain events, weather consulting services for companies, and weather information ARS services.KMA also designated an information support center on December 1, 2005 in order to provide weather information efficiently to weather enterprisers. It is important to note that weather data related to disaster prevention, such as special weather reports, (including weather forecasts and warnings for the general public) should be published only by KMA.