- Realize advanced meteorological services to be in?time, accurate and valuable
- Become a leader in /Promote public safety and national economic growth.
(by creating added values from meteorological and climate services)
- Proactively respond to national agenda
- Secure cutting?edge meteorological technologies and enhance meteorological infrastructure
- Establish global weather and climate networks


Upgrade weather services for the well?being of people / to benefit people
1. Better respond to hazardous weather events
2.Provide people with access to weather services

Utilize climate and weather information to make the society more prosperous
3.Build capacities to respond and adapt to climate change
4.Improve the industrial productivity and foster the meteorological industry, using weather information

Strengthen weather service for the decision?making process to make the country more resilient
5. Establish the emergency response system against earthquake and volcano
6. Reinforce the framework to support the socio?economic decision?making process

Promote global partnership for co?existence
7. Facilitate inter?Korean meteorological cooperation
8. Strengthen international cooperation to enhance Korea¡¯s global standing

Lay the foundation to carry out meteorological tasks for the future
9. Secure advanced meteorological technologies
10. Render weather service a part of our daily lives

In 5 Years Time

- Secure enough time to prepare for and respond to hazardous weather events
- Dramatically reduce loss of life
- Make high?quality weather services available anywhere, anytime
* Lead time for heavy rain special report: 97 min -> 125 min

- Become capable of establishing sustainable strategies for the socioeconomic development Contribute to the national economic growth by supporting systematic weather management and enhancing the competitiveness of the meteorological industry
* Usage of the 1 km?resolution climate change scenario
* Sales/Turnover in the meteorological industry: 64.4b KRW -> 300b KRW

- Ease public concern over earthquake and volcano and support socioeconomic decision making process
- Utilize scientific information necessary to deal with cold and heat waves, and energy management
*Earthquake early warning: 300 sec -> 50 sec or less
*Weekly forecasting period: 7 days -> 10 days or more

- Accumulate meteorological technologies on the North Korean region and Reduce disaster risks on the Korean peninsula
- Become a meteorological powerhouse, upgrading Korea¡¯s the global standing
* meteorological technology assistance: 22 nations -> 28 nations

Develop home?grown technologies suitable for our environment & proactively monitor hazardous weather events
- Secure practical meteorological technologies necessary to support the society and national policies
* meteorological technology patent : 28 -> 88