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United States

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Annual frequency of dust hours with visibility less than 11km in the United States (after Gillette and Hason, 1989).

In the United States of America, wind erosion occurs mainly in a region comprising west Kansas, Oklahoma, east Colorado and west Texas, which became known as 'the dust bowl' in the early 1930s. The high wind speed and the lack of vegetation cover are the main contributing factor to the relatively strong wind-erosion activities in these areas. The areas of maximum dust production are the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma Nebraska, western Kansas, eastern Colorado, the Red River Valley of North Dakota and northern Montana. The estimated maximum dust emission is about 10 g/m2/yr. The monthly pattern of wind erosion shows a clear maximum for the spring season, when wind speed is at a maximum and surface protection by vegetation is at a minimum. Wind erosion is weakest in summer, corresponding to a reduced wind speed and increased vegetation cover.
(Shao, 2000)