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Typhoon Forecast

Typhoon Forecasting Regions

Typhoon Forecasting Regions

  1. 1. Northwest Pcific region (KMA forecasting region)
  2. 2. Northeast Pacific region
  3. 3. Atlantic region
  4. 4. North Indian region
  5. 5. Southwest Indian region
  6. 6. Southeast Indian/Australian region
  7. 7. Australian / Southwest pacific region
Typhoon Scale
Scale More than 15m/s Radius
Small Less than 300km
Medium More than 300Km ~ Less than 500km
Large More than 500Km ~ Less than 800km
Extra Large More than 800Km
Typhoon Intensity
Scale Pattern Maximum sustained wind speed
Week Tropical Storm(TS) More than 17m/s(34knots)~Less than 25m/s(48knots)
Moderate Severe Tropical Storm
More than 25m/s(48knots)~Less than 33m/s(64knots)
Strong Typhoon (TY) More than 33m/s(64knots)~Less than 44m/s(85knots)
Very Strong More than 44m/s(85knots)

TAPS (Typhoon Analysis and Prediction System) is a system to generate the information about typhoon. TAPS searches several countries’ typhoon model outputs in real time, and it produces the objective forecasting guidance through model outputs. The most typhoon information making steps were changed automatically from TAPS. Typhoon information generating time was reduced, and also the accuracy of the typhoon position forecast has been improved since TAPS was introduced in 2004.

TAPS image