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Development of Mongolian Numerical Weather Prediction System(MNWPD) Based on Cluster System

Today, the outreach of National Meteorological Service such as PC cluster based Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) technique is vigorous in the world wide. In this regard, WMO (World Meteorological Organization) asked KMA (Korea Meteorological Administration) to formulate a regional project, which cover most of RA II members, using similar technical system with KMA's. In that sense, Meteorological Research Institute (METRI) in KMA developed Mongolian NWP System (MNWPS) based on PC cluster and transferred the technology to Weather Service Center in Mongolia. The hybrid parallel algorithm and channel bonding technique were adopted to cut cost and showed 41% faster performance than single MPI (Message Passing Interface) approach. The cluster technique of Beowulf type was also adopted for convenient management and saving resources. The Linux based free operating system provide very cost effective solution for operating multi-nodes. Additionally, the GNU software provide many tools, utilities and applications for construction and management of a cluster. Now, the cluster based NWP System in Mongolia has been operated for local prediction around the region and provided various auxiliary charts.