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Build Mutual Communication, Reconciliation and Peace. Materialize a peace festival beyond ideology, religion and ethnic background.
Build harmony, reconciliation among all participants.
Incheon Asiad Main Stadium
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01 Munhak Park Tae-hwan Aquatics Center 02 Dream Park Aquatics Center 03 Gyeyang Asiad Archery Field 04 Incheon Asiad Main Stadium 05 Designated Area 06 Gyeyang Gymnasium 07 Munhak Baseball Stadium 08 Mokdong Baseball Stadium 09 Songdo LNG Baseball Stadium 10 Samsan World Gymnasium 11 Hwaseong Sprots Complex 12 Anyang Hogye Gymnasium 13 Seonhak Gymnasium 14 Hanam Misari Rowing Center 15 Yeonhui Cricket Ground 16 Incheon International Velodrome 17 Songdo Road Cycle 18 Yeongjong Baegunsan MTB Course 19 Ganghwa Asiad BMX Track 20 Dream Park Equestrian Venue 21 Goyang Gymnasium 22 Munhak Stadium 23 Incheon Football Stadium 24 Ansan Wa Stadium 25 Goyang Stadium 26 Hwaseong Main Stadium 27 Dream Park Golf Club 28 Namdong Gymnasium 29 Seonhak Gymnasium 30 Suwon Gymnasium 31 Seonhak Hockey Stadium 32 Dowon Gymnasium 33 Dream Park Complex Course 34 Chungju Tangeum Lake International Rowing Center 35 Namdong Asiad Rugby Field 36 Wangsan Sailing Marina 37 Bucheon Gymnasium 38 Ongnyeon International Shooting Range 39 Gyeonggido Shooting Range 40 Yeorumul Squash Courts 41 Ganghwa Dolmens Gymnasium 42 Yeorumul Tennis Courts 43 Songdo Central Park Triathlon Venue 44 Songnim Gymnasium 45 Ansan Sangroksu Gymnasium 46 Songdo Global University Beach Volleyball Venue 47 Dream Park Modern Pentathlon Fencing Venue 48 Moonlight Festival garden Weightlifting Venue 49 Songdo Global University Gymnasium